Benefits of Accounting & Payroll

The world is alive with information. Information produced by economics transactions that happen every day, all around us. An employee punches the clock for the first time offering labour in exchange for the employer’s cash. A customer swipes her MasterCard to pay for the purchase of goods and services from a business. An entrepreneur enters his bank in order to secure a loan. Applying for a business loan is a calculated decision. He will incur a liability to expand the business and generate more revenue and hopefully more profit. Everyday thousands of these economic transactions occur and are recorded in a process called bookkeeping. Accounting includes bookkeeping, but it also consists of the development of systems to collect and capture this information. Start your journey in accounting and bookkeeping with ABHI.

The Accounting and Payroll class is less than a year and is divided into three major sections:

  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Complimentary Courses
  3. Software and Application
  4. Introduction to Accounting – There are two accounting classes: Accounting I and II which are punctuated by a three-week payroll component. Explore the basic concepts of accounting; what’s a debit what’s a credit? Learn about the accounting cycle, inventory costing and internal controls. The payroll component is fast paced and focuses on Alberta employment standards.

Complimentary Courses – There are five complimentary courses in the program: Financial Management, Taxation, Business Communications, Organizational Behaviour/Introduction to Management and Cost Accounting. Primary concepts include: the time value of money, Big 5 personality traits and product mix analysis. The tax component is divided between theory and practical application using Profile Tax Software.

Software and Application – The class utilizes both Sage 50 and QuickBooks programs. Students will become familiar navigating these programs. The practical application component is open ended. Students may complete this portion by working or exploring an avenue of inquiry which they wish to satiate.

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