When it comes to medical language, to the untrained ear, it all sounds like gibberish. We often wonder why the medical professionals won’t just use simple everyday terms to convey their messages. The truth is, as with other languages, when converted to English a lot of their meaning gets lost in translation. Medical terminology helps describe accurately a patient’s condition.

It therefore becomes expedient for any health worker (clinical and non-clinical) to get an understanding of the medical language. For the newbies in healthcare, courses in medical terminology (offered at ABHI) can help convert what sounds like medical gibberish to medical jargons. The benefits of this cannot be overrated.

Easy communication among medical staff

When everyone on the medical team understands medical terminologies, there is easy flow of communication. Imagine if every time a medical term is used, the user has to stop and explain its meaning to the listeners. This will be in fact very frustrating and will slow down activities in the department possibly costing patients their lives! However, when everyone understands the lingo, they will all have a full comprehension of what is expected of them and will be able to play their roles accordingly.

Patient safety

The misuse of a medical term can lead to a false diagnosis and treatment. It is reckless for anyone to go into the medical field without having a basic understanding of the medical language as this potentially compromises the care of patients. Understanding the language goes beyond just understanding what it means when spoken, but also knowing how to spell things correctly. A lot of medical terms are pronounced alike but spelled differently to indicate different conditions or body parts. For example, ileum and ilium are pronounced similarly but they mean a part of the small intestine and a part of the hip bone respectively. Without this knowledge, a medical assistant can document one to mean the other and cause problems for the patient.

Employment opportunities

A lot of employers in the medical field ask for an understanding of medical terminology as a criterion for employment. The medical field is by far the most stable economic sect and it is estimated to be worth over CAD200 billion according to sources. Imagine the employment opportunities awaiting you with a solid background in medical terminology.

Learning medical terminology is an ongoing, possibly lifelong process as new words are introduced every day. But with a well-structured program that provides you with a solid understanding of the principles of the language, you can be rest assured that you have the right tools to help you thrive in the healthcare industry. Contact us today at ABHI for more information on how to get started with obtaining training in medical terminology.

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