Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk

Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk

Medical office assistants and unit clerks are integral part of this industry. They provide essential support to health care professionals so they may focus on the treatment of their patients/clients.



37 Weeks (790 hours)





Median Starting Salary


Program Summary:

The program covers basic office procedures and computer technology such as the health information processing, business procedures and microsoft office programs. It also teaches clinical office procedures, medical transcription, medical terminology and fundamentals of medical office practices. Importance and focus is given in the development of the students communication skills and interpersonal skills since these are vital to perform successfully within the health care environment.

The enormous rise in technology, the demand for the best quality of life and with a population that is continuously aging, the health care industry is in need of well-trained personnel. There is an increasing need of workforce and a need to elevate the skill level of the workforce. ABHI offers this program to meet the needs of the health care industry by providing employment-ready, fully-trained graduates.

ABHI offers schedules designed to suit the needs of the students. Students will be given the opportunity and option to take courses full-time, part-time days or evenings or weekends. Successful graduates of this program will be qualified to work in various healthcare settings and occupations which includes the following:

  • Hospital admitting/ER departments, such as switchboard, Cashier,Information, Patient registration, morgue
  • Ambulatory/outpatient departments
  • Research facilities
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Walk-in care centers
  • Medical finance and Administrative departments
  • Chiropractic and Acupuncture Centres
  • Laboratory and X-ray Clinics
  • Medical supply companies
  • Wellness and Fitness Centres
  • Group home and Community Living Societies

Program length: 37 weeks including 160 hours of practical application

Program Objectives:

ABHI aims to provide the students with quality education, practical knowledge, skills and practicum experience required for a successful career in Medical Office Assisting or as Unit Clerk. Listed below are the main objectives of this program:

  • Ensure that the students are familiar with fundamentals of the healthcare industry including its current organization, its system and facilities
  • Help the students develop the right skill set to be able for them to have the edge and opportunity for employment in the health care industry
  • Provide the students with proper tools and equipment to give them the technical knowledge in an industry where technology is continuously changing
  • Provide the students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a Medical Office Assistant or Unit Clerk
  • Help the students develop their inter-personal skills and communication skills which are very vital in this profession
  • Ensure that the students have enough time and adequate exposure with real-world practicum experience in a medical office setting

Program Components:

This program is designed to provide the students with essential skills and theoretical knowledge required for a career in the health care industry in an office setting. Successful graduates will be proficient in medical office procedures, time management, organization, structures, office technology, information management, billings, and current computer software applications.

Course Outline

  • Computer Application and Office Technology
  • Introduction to Medical Office Assisting
  • Accounting Applications
  • Human Anatomy, Medical Terminology and Pharmacology
  • Medical Transcription
  • Medical Office Practices
  • Administrative Skills and Procedures
  • Medical Billing, Scheduling and Health Care Plans
  • Clinical Skills and Procedures
  • Job Search and Career Development
  • Practicum

Other Related information:

  • Small class size for more instructor-student interaction as instructional approach
  • Flexible times (mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends) for students convenience
  • Government funding for qualified students
  • Career counselling services

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