Education Assistant Program

Education Assistant Program

ABHI offers this program in the realization that overtime, there has been an evolution of the role of an education assistant at the elementary and secondary school level. Educational assistants play a very valuable role in the educational profession both as advocates for inclusive education and as key member of educational team. Though education assistants work under the supervision of a teacher, they help carry out the educational mission of the school and make the learning experiences of a diverse population of children more rewarding.



56 Weeks



Program Delivery

Online | Blended

Median Starting Salary

$26, 388.00 - $45, 427.20

Program Overview

ABHI’s main objective is to deliver a quality education, practical knowledge, skills, and practicum experience to the students, pertinent for a successful career in Education Assistant Program. ABHI offers training to students to equip them with the prerequisite skills and knowledge to thrive in the challenging and one of the most rewarding profession in Canada. As an institution dedicated to students’ learning, we are committed to:

  • Ensure that the students are familiar with fundamentals of the business and management industry, its current organization, its system, and facilities.
  • Help the students acquire theoretical, skills set and practical experiences.
  • Provide the students with the training to help them gain
  • Provide the students with the right tools and equipment to acquire necessary knowledge to function in various fields that includes human resources, finance, business management and entrepreneur
  • Ensure that the students have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what is required of them as Education Assistant.
  • Ensure that the students have enough time and adequate exposure in related fields of Education assistant
  • Ensure that the students acquire extensive business knowledge to be able for them to develop the right skills to improve their career options

Course Outline

  • Computer Application
  • Introduction to Inclusive and Differentiated Classrooms
  • Principles of Non-violent Crisis Intervention
  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships and Communication Skills
  • Roles of the Education Assistant
  • Principles of Grammar and English Composition
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Development
  • Observation and Assessment of Behavioral Management
  • Instructional Strategies and Assistive Technology Across the Curriculum

Career Avenues

ABHI offers schedules that suit the needs of the students. Students will be given the opportunity and option to take courses full-time, part-time days or evenings or weekends. Successful graduates of this program will be qualified to work in various business settings and management occupations which includes the following:

  • Education assistant
  • Instructional assistant
  • Day care staff
  • Teacher’s aide
  • Special education assistant
  • Summer camps and day programs staff
  • Private tutoring

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